Upcoming Maintenance Window Notice

Some of our servers will go under a software maintenance on Sunday, October 11th,2020. Please check from your account under the "Network Issues" tab for more details. Thanks!

5 Окт 2020
You can now restore your backups easily and all by yourself!

We have implemented a new backup system for our Hosting Clients, it is called JetBackup and you will find it available now among the options in your cPanel account. There is a good reason why we chose JetBackup as our main backup service. Think about it, most of our data today is digital and there are a bazillion websites out there. It seems that ... Читать далее »

21 Sep 2018
Our Miami expansion is completed now!

We have finished deploying new state-of-the-art servers in our Miami DC to expand our capacity in the region.

9 Авг 2018
We will be expanding our presence in the Miami area!

We are plannning to deploy new servers in the Miami area very soon, currently we are doing some arragments with our collocation vendors so we can guaratee the best service possible to our customers!

9 Июл 2018